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Writer's Block: Play it again, e-reader
Gintama - Ginkagu Love!
Which book do you find yourself regularly rereading, and why?

 I guess it'd have to be Harry Potter.
          I remember the first time my sister told me about the 1st Harry Potter book. She was going on about this boy locked up in this cuboard, how his parents had died, and all this abuse he was suffering. Me and my siblings just laughed in her face, and said no one would write about such terrible things. We were quite young (we'd never read something so serious), so even when she followed through with it and said that she wasn't lying, we just told her we didn't believe her at all and she just left it at that.
          Couple of years down the line, I was looking through the school library. Spotted the philoser's stone and devoured my way through the pages. It turned out to have the same plot, and me not connecting the dots, rushed up to my sister to tell her about the similarities. So then she laughed in my face, and told me it was the same story. She also mentioned it was a book for losers and how she'd been right all along.
          I thought whatever and just kept reading it, and I fell in love with the series. Even now, "ages past", my sister rubs it in my face, how if it wasn't for her, I never would've found them. But considering how there are movies out and all that merchandise bullcrap, It'd be surprising if I never noticed the books anyway. So the reason why I keep reading them is because it's an awesome chain of a story with a lot of depth. I guess I've grown up with them, and people in the future will probably read the stories too, but I can say to my grandkids that I was around when the last Harry potter book had just come out, and how it was the end of such a great bunch of novels. Woah, that was long!

Ridiculous Rant Of Epic Proportions.
Katara Angry!
The Easter holidays have been disasterous, and I am not happy. The boredom that's been eating my brain from inside out is back and it's worse than ever. Not only that, but my dad suddenly think it's acceptable to starve his kids and he's not forking over any money for food. I don't like to complain, and I honestly don't like people who complain themselves, but this is the one place where I can properly just unload all the little insignificant bullshit that's been happening to me. It may not be as severe as the problems that happen in africa, but dammit this is my life, and there must be somewhere that I can rant and rave without any judgement!
When can you really relax and look on the brightside and have an irritating headache at the same time? Let me tell you. Never. I'm not the kinda person that goes for paracetomal because there's something about it that makes me just the slightest bit paranoid. Why? Because when I was younger the whole school was having the time of their life
watching a fabulous production of Bugsy Malone, and I'm at home thinking i'm the bees knees for having gotten off school. I'd totally rubbed it in my sibling's faces, but not only am I the one who ends up having the worst day ever, I also end up being forced to wander around to some random fat aunt's house with my mother and being force fed the most Nasty, Vile, Disgusting, Syrupy, Brown medicine ever to end up on the planet. The fat aunt (FA) just goes into some random cuboard that looks like it hasn't been dusted in a whole lifetime and pulls out a bottle that I wish she's never had the decency to open. She's totally advancing on me, and I swear I told her several times that I didn't want it, but what does she do? Shove it in my face. I blame my mum. She was there the whole time cooing at me to keep my trap shut, and so FA thinks she's gotten permission to force feed me something that comes out at the end of the digestive system.
I actually think my cough got worse afterwards. I'm not even exaggerating, it was BROWN for God's sake! I know I already mentioned it, but that thing was just. Horrible. I get home and my siblings end up telling me all about the production, and although everybody had got warned in advance, it totally slipped my mind and I was nearly kicking myself. That just goes to show, you shouldn't try to miss school. I've regretted it ever since.
So there you go, a little snippet of my childhood. I've totally spiralled off track.
You know what? I'm not even going to bother typing about my stomach (which coincidently is almost caving in) because that little nugget of nostalgia totally fizzled me out. I mean, you can only be angry about so many things at once and when you've finished ranting you kind of dry up. Oh goodness, I'm honestly wondering if you can physically murder a headache. And so my Rant ends.

Writer's Block: Color me curious
Kagura - First Appearance
If you were a crayon, what color would you be, and why? What color would your ideal mate be, and why?

 I think I'd be a red, the one that's been snapped in half and rarely ever used anymore. Why? Because I adore red, and I don't want someone fondling me while they 'grate' my head onto a picture.
My ideal mate would definately be black. Simply because red and black stand out together, you know? They compliment eachother.